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    QV Dbol meta vet real of fake

    I have some blue metavet d bol from QV and they are circles are they legit
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    If you can post the bottle/box pic it's gonna be easier to say it's fake
    or not.

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    Bro...I want to find out the same thing...I have the exact same pills...however I also have two other versions of the same QV Dbols...they are all is oval shaped like a football, the other is round and fat with no lines...and the recent ones are round but flat with a line through one side. I think QV changes there pill machines around to **** with us...let me know what u find out..later bro

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    the pills that are blue with a line through them and are fairly small like the onesyour holding look just like the ones i had... they suck!!!!! QV is not worth it... Its junk bro.. Your better of with the russian dbol .. but if its what u have i guess u will take it..But they are legit!

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    Sorry to disagree on the quality. I am using qv dbol right now @ 40mg daily in my 4th week. Up nearly 15lbs. Strength through the roof. There are just as good as the Thais and Russians I have tried before.

    They have come in three different shapes since they were introduced and yours look like second generation.

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