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    macmillon pharmaceuticals deca

    still much of a juice noob i need some advice on this been real or fake
    atm i cant get ne form of digital picture so ill describe them

    they are 2 sheets of 5 ampules that are 'pushouts'
    ie, thet are in packaging much like tablets that u push the tablet out of the tinfoil before u can take it
    here its just the amp tho

    info from the packaging
    batch no 45
    mfd dec 2003
    exp nov 2007
    i.m only (no ****)
    decanoate inj.
    protadec 100
    made in india
    1 ampule of 1ml. contains :
    nandrolone decanoate I.P 100mg
    oily base
    mtg lic no 1513-b

    i hope this is enough info to go by without the picture, if/when i get the cam back if this isnt enough ill post a pic

    the label on each ampule itself is a stuck on paper label
    the label dosnt go all the way around, there is a space between where it starts and is wrapped around the amp to the other side again

    along the 'short side' of the rectangle (sharp corners) is a red stripe going across
    no markings (rings) on the neck of each amp
    the rest of the label has the same info on as the back of the packaging
    labels are white other than the red stripe and where it says
    protadec 100

    ne one used this b4 and knows about it been legit or not

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    ive finally managed to get pics of these maybe someone can respond now
    attached are pics of what i (as riot) described above
    lemme know about it been real or fake pls :/
    i tried to get it from various angles
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails macmillon pharmaceuticals deca-dsc00217.jpg   macmillon pharmaceuticals deca-dsc00218.jpg   macmillon pharmaceuticals deca-dsc00219.jpg   macmillon pharmaceuticals deca-dsc00220.jpg  

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    and heres the push out blister packs the vials come in ( 5 per sheet)
    i had to cut it smaller to make its small enough for the site to allow me to ul them
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails macmillon pharmaceuticals deca-dsc00226.jpg   macmillon pharmaceuticals deca-dsc00227.jpg   macmillon pharmaceuticals deca-dsc00167.jpg  

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