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    Oxydrol tabs legit?

    I have some BD Oxydrol tabs and have a question about their legitimacy. The package I got them in look exactly like the one on the British Dragon website (white with blue border on top). The only thing that's different is that there is no manufacturer's name or exp. date where it should be.

    I checked my source's e-mail on the BD website and it said that he was an approved supplier. Anyone know why there wouldn't be a stamp indicating the man. name and exp. date???

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    your fridge

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    The stamp thing is really catching, but the chinese guys who produce
    BD stuffs (you might be thinking=no it's thailandese) sometimes makes
    mistakes like putting rubber stoppers which were supposed to be in
    track only after March of 2005 in vials produced in middle 2004, misspelings
    pouches without a pre-stamped number of tabs etc. etc. But I think
    this is not a big thing to be worried about since your source checked
    in BD's site. As long as your source is realiable to you, no needs to worry
    if you mind about the expdate just try to ask your source about that
    since you got a lot without any specification of dates, I think he can
    help you out with that info or in a bad case he can replace the pouch
    for you (I guess). Hope this calm you down, bro good luck!

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