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Thread: dbol legit?

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    Mar 2005

    dbol legit?

    Don't have access to a digital camera, but I have a quick question:

    If dianabol (pink tabs) do not bleed red when soaked in sulfuric acid, are they automatically fake? BTW-Mine are from British Dispensary.

    Thanks, Bros.

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    Mar 2005


    bump, anyone???

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    bro i did that test and failed also(bought only 200 from a "good sorce"), did another one from a bd bottle it was new i opened myself and got it from a good source did the test and passed ,so it's all depending where u get them from? good source or someone u don't know well etc etc
    how many's u bought? did u get the whole thing 1000 pills? or just a few ?

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    Land of the rising sun.
    You got a PM, bro! BTW a pic of the tabs and the original bottle would
    help alot, bro!

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    that test dosnt mean shit
    heres a link to a local site that some dude ripped off some pics from here by dutchbb

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