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    post cycle question

    hey guys im a bit young (18) and i got into my first cycle with out as much knowledge as i probably should have had. Anyways im just about to finish up with my first test e cycle and i was wondering what you guys would suggest as far as pct. Also i have gained some chubs as well and i wanted to cut up. Do you think i should just start a strict diet alone or get on clen or something to that sort? Also how do you guys keep off the chubs while youre on your cycles? it seemed like i would eat a huge meal and less than an hour later i was still hungry.

    Much appreciated guys

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    clomid for pct and maybe some clen for the chub

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    first pct (clomid/nolvadex ) and continue the same diet! After the pct you can start a moderate cutting diet prob. with clen or eca.
    But this is the wrong forum. Go to the diet section!

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    Would a mod please move this thread to help this kid out.

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