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    Does Abbott, Karachi make 100mg 1 amp Deca?

    I got some Deca from Pakistan it's 100mg 1ml amp it is clear glass with a white ring neck and alll black print. It has some arabic wrighting on it and here are some numbers for you if it helps.

    M.L. N0: 000001
    P.R. No: 002444

    What do you think? does it sound legit?

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    yes, there is karachi deca 100mg/ml
    I don't see fakes yet, except in duchbodybuilder's topic: fake karachi sustanon .
    If the exp date and lot number is printed with a dot-matrix printer, it should be real.

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    hmmm afaik it isnt widely faked check for that other dudes fake sustanon one as the above poster said,he also has fake deca in the picture, first fake karachi deca ive heard of
    i was jucy_lucy there a friends acc too close to another memebers nick so i changed to rioters but posts made under juicylucy
    were done by me
    try comparing to those pictures or post ur own
    as mine were blurry it was when i had just got my first digital camera but its still clearly visible of what the above poster is saying about the dotted printing of the exp date on the amp itself
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    There are two types the ones made by Organon and the ones made by Abbott for organon the amps bear different numbers, see pic.
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