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Thread: Sustanon Shots

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    Sustanon Shots

    IF i am going to take two shots of sustanon a week would it be more effective if i took them together or space them about 3 days apart?

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    i would think space them... i'm going to start taking sus. but i'm taking 500mg every monday. for 5 weeks and week 6-7 250mg. i'm also doing dbol with it so i dont know. I would think space them. because together i don't know man.... novice, any comments???

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    Hey master try taking a 250 shot on a sunday and a 250 shot on a wednesday.Due to the nature of sustanon you need to spread it out as best as possible so your test levels dont go up and down. hey Bill i also read that you want to tapper it down to 250mg at weeks 6 and 7, i have to say get 4 more amps and go 8 weeks at 500mgs........HITMAN

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