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    Scripted Test cyp,Nandrolone Deca for HRT

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie so don't beat me up to bad! Anyhow, I had gotten some Androgel from this place about a year ago and they had some injectables on the site, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I had a Complete Blood Panel done when I turned 40[3 years ago],and the Website Dr.s charge fron ***$to$*** if you want them to do a panel,but they also had an option that said"I have my own test" so I checked that box .They asked a few questions about 2 or 3 levels,and luckily bly blood panel test I had saved from 3 years ago gave the ranges for normal,so I went to the low end of normal fudging a few numbers and The Dr called and said it had been approved! I ordered a stack with 10ml Test Cyp 100mg/ml,10ml Nandrolone Decanoate 100mg/ml and they threw in 10 pills of Arimidex for free,so I got out paying *** bucks.They threw in 22 3cc/ml 21gx1.5" syringes and a bunch of alcohol swabs too. I had a couple knee surgeries and had to give up cardio[even low-impact was causing softball-sized swelling],as the swelling was alternating from left knee to right knee CONSTANTLY. I had to give my job up at UPS ,got depressed and got fat!
    So it's been 18 months since I was in decent shape with low body fat,and my goal right now is to get my lean mass-body fat ratio back into proportion before I go heavy with the weights.My BMI is 27 right now. This is week 2 and it's amazing how much better my knees feel.I've done some reading on Deca and joint lubrication seems to be one of the benefits.I've been using the eliptical cardio and Cybex,Icarian machines to get my core strength back before I get into deadweight[excluding dumbells] bench pressing. I have some before pics, after I finish this first cycle I'll post before and afters. Here's a pic of the stack the Dr sent me,did I pay too much?I'll probably go with some Saizen or some other form of HGH next cycle,thanks for any input, Zed
    Thanks guys, Zed
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    so you paid ***.00? If so I'd say not bad for something that comes with a scrip. Good luck with the knees!
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    Bro u should have posted this on the steroid pic forum. You would have gotten far more appropriate responses.

    Try and post one there or better yet PM a mod askin to move this thread.

    Good Luck with ure cycle.

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