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    Question Acdhon Methandon - real or fake?

    Any one who knows about these dbol ´s? Are they real or fake?

    I tried them a couple years ago, and they worked fine...but i have heared in some other BB sites that they are that right???

    Acdhon Methandon - real or fake?-taps5mg.jpg

    Acdhon Methandon - real or fake?-tabs.jpg

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    Welcome aboard bro! I dunno about their Dbols but I use their Methyltesto
    once in awhile for a plus strenght in my trainings bro, and they work greatly
    as they produce Methyltesto, they can make fake Dbols themselves to put in
    the market the same way as some Russian Dbols that contains Methyltesto
    and seem to show results from them, this shit of faking Dbols puting
    Methyltesto instead of Methandrostenolone is scarry for me cuz first off you
    don't even got an idea of how much Methyltesto is inside each tab, so you go
    take say 6 tabs for the first week, if that shit is kinda 10mg of Methyltesto
    each tab, you pretty much are fvcking your liver to death cuz it's harsh to
    take over 25mg/day for longer than 2 weeks on, you must take at least 2
    weeks off from it, but in the case of (you're taking Dbols which are not Dbols)
    you go longer than 2 weeks on, so you can imagine how shitty would you
    make your liver like. BTW what kind of results you got from it in your first
    time on those pills?

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    I have tried these pills once before, and it worked! But some of the guys in a dansih bodybuilding site, told me that they were fake!

    So i dont know if i should take them? But on the other side, it works really good!

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