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    Locations of legit Farmicias in mexico

    I am just looking for info on Pharmacies in mexico. I was in baja for a month and it took 2 weeks for me to realize i needed to go to the vet pharmacies. I found a good one in cabo and i didnt think prices were high.
    Off the main drag in cabo take leona street north about 3/4 mile. Turn left on a dirt road where the arco plumbing store is (not a gas station). You will see the vet 1/4 mile on the right. 20 for test, 9 for deca , 100 eq.

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    different places different prices,
    i found many pharmacies, prices were between
    2 to 4 pesos off which is really nothing is like
    saying 2 to 3 dollars off, animal grade was the
    cheapest one man i was surprised the tornel EQ
    bottle of 50ml $55, eachtime i draw 400mg of it
    i don't see the bottle getting empty stays on the level which if feels good you know i still got
    i long way to go with it..

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