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Thread: primo help!!

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    Scramz is offline New Member
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    May 2002

    primo help!!

    my guy sold me a bunch of primo brown spanish amps.
    with the blue dot on the top.
    speaking to someone whos been doing this a long time,. he said that the new spaniush amps are clear and they may be fake.

    my exp date says sept 05.
    lote lot -066

    any help would help. thanks.

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    planetx is offline Associate Member
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    Nov 2001
    Hey bro!!

    We really need the pic bro, your expiration/production lot indicates it as 50/50 chance of a Spanish Schering factory original at best, IMO!!

    IMO, wise shoppers and athletes should AVOID ALL brown glass Schering ampules, primobolan and testaviron comment on primoteston....leave this formula out of the AVOID column, IOW's.

    One is dabbling with fire, IMO, when purchasing BROWN AMPULES from sources/organizations that do not have impeccable references and character evaluations from MODS and VETS across the boards. Clear glassed Schering TV 250's and primo enan's have been out a while now!!

    IOW's, be patient and research. To avoid the hassle altogether purchase clear ampules ONLY in this order, IMO. Turkish amps pictured from my past post.....2 pics, very close up for you......hopefully a kind bro' will provide you a pic of the others I have listed....factory original of course, no fakes please, let's not cloud the picture!!!

    1. <Turkish> Schering
    2. <Germany> Berlin Schering (fading fast, IMO)
    3. <Greek> Schering (made in Germany)

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    alevok Guest
    Turkish primo
    Product Date 01/200
    Expires 01/2005
    Newer Versions (2002) has label around instead of green writing on amps. So dont think new ones are fake. Attached primo was bought today and yes there are still in the market but eventually we will be seeing only labeled ones soon.
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    alevok Guest
    another one
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