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    ** gear

    hey, i just got some gear from **. Is the decca 300 really 300 or is it just underdosed, and does anyone know about their 50 mg d-bol pills(white) or 50 mg. winny pills
    (blue). i heard that they are good, but from the guy who sold them to me.
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    Read the rules bro. Pretty borderline source posting.

    But, hopefully the winny is good stuff since I have some on the way. I have heard really good things about it.

    Can't help with the rest.



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    Buddy I just edited your post. Ok ** Deca is pretty good stuff. I have a blurred customs cert here which I'll post. I got it from a buddy over on when I was a moderator there and can't authenticate it.

    Both his Dball and Winny tabs are very good. I'm currently using his Winny tabs and have used those 50mg dball in the past.

    Here's the customs form woth the tested deca. Sorry it's blurred.
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    This is a Health Canada letter.

    Wong tong shipment to Montreal was intercepted
    and analyzed by Health Canada.

    The Letter is legit as you check the violation #

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    Good stuff I have used Deca 300 and 50mg D-bol twice now. I would bake the Deca to get out some of the BA alcohol so it feels a little better.

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