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    Fake NILE sust??

    In my first cycle whit test i used sustanon250 from NILE. clear amp whit green print. I gained very much! next cycle i also used NILE sust, they looked the same but this time i didnt gain a pound!!!! Anyone heard of fake NILE sust, the sure looked real for me. But it must have been fake. I run 750 mg for 8 weeks, didnt even got bloted!!!

    Sorry, but i dont have a picture.

    Another question, is primoteston often fake? Or is it a safe buy?

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    I'm using the same sus you have. It's Portugual Sus 250 and this shit is great. I'm gaining lots of strength and I am up about 25 lbs in 3 weeks. I also am using **deca 300. I don't know if yours is fake but I thought Sus was supposed to put a little size on you but it is mainly for strength. If I am wrong please someone correct me.


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