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    Question Testosterone Cypionate Goldline

    Does Testosterone Cypionate from Goldline effective.
    Not sure if I should order this stuff.
    Thank you

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    From everything I've heard Goldline is a couterfit product... Meaning that the company is not currently manufacturing it... I'm not saying that it doesn't contain Cypionate , just that it is probably coming from an underground lab somewhere...

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    Cool buff87 is correct . . .

    I did a long post on this last year which you can find by doing a search on the term fake cypionate.

    In brief, all generic cyp in the U.S. was manufactured by Steris Pharmaceuticals. This includes Steris, Schein, Godline, and Star. A few years ago, the F.D.A. enjoined Steris from producing injectables, not because of the quality of the product but because of irregularities in their manufacturing documentation.

    When Steris made things right with the F.D.A. and was permitted to resume producing injectables, they chose not to resume manufacturing cyp. Thus, all test cyp purporting to be made by Steris, Schein, Goldline, and Star today is fake.

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    Thanx for the information

    Thanx for taking the time to respond.
    Again talking about Testosterone Cypionate , there is a site called
    www.noIjustdidn' , they are selling T.C. I am sue if the maker is Upjohn.
    I didn't see them on the scammer list.
    Let me know if u have any information, I hope I am not bothering to much.
    Thanks PB

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    Bro watch what you type, we do not allow source posting of any kind here.

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