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Thread: Anatest?

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    GandolfReturns is offline Junior Member
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    Dec 2002

    Question Anatest?

    Anybody have any pics or knowledge of Anatest testosterone propionate ? 100mg/ml - 10ml vile

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    FCECC2 is offline Anabolic Member
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    under some plywood sheets
    bump bump

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    Shredz is offline Respected Member
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    Nov 2001
    The Rink!!
    Used it in every cycle I have done thus far. Great brand of prop. However it does cause pain due to the high BA.

    It comes in a 10ml bottle of 100mg/ml test prop and 100mg/ml BA

    I posted some pics of it in the past in the steriod pictures forum..don't think I deleted a search and see what you can find..I believe they are still there.

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