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    Question putting on some pounds

    I have been lifting hard for about 7 years now, and I have reached a stand still no matter what I do I cant gain anymore weight (musscle) anyways I eat about six meals a day, lots of protine in my meals but no matter how hard I train and how much I eat I am not making anymore gains. I have always been against steroids I always thought of it as cheating, an easy way out. But I've been thinking of maybe taking a cylcle to get a head start, I dont know if I take 1 or 2 cycles if it would be a waste of my time or not im only 19 so I dont know if I am still to young or not. If I do take something it would probable be deca or some eq. what do you think I sould do

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    Since you asked I will tell you NOT to cycle with AS. You are too young. Continue to eat and train hard, if you are drinking, quite, if you are drugging, quite. Eat clean, train heavy and often, cardio 2-3X's per week and lots of rest. You will grow like an animal.

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    You hit a wall, i hit one at 19 then 20 then 21 , Change what you are doing eat diffrently take different sups, shock your body with different work out's Don't restort to AS yet keep trying.

    I have been lifting hard for about 7 years now <- and your 19 wow.
    Sounds like you only been working out HARD for a year or 2 and just messing around the other 5.
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