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    50MG winstrol tabs effectiveness

    I just started a 40 day cycle of 50mg winny tabs on Feb, 22. How long until I start seeing results? Im a male that weighs 150 and i'm at 9% body fat (I dont know if that will help answering that question) I am taking one a day. Also, I hate to ask this stupid question but I'm not familiar with winnies. I've heard of 2 different ways to take them, let them dissolve under your tongue or just swallow them? Does it matter when I take them during the day (before a workout, before I eat, etc.)

    Thank You
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    Take half in the morning take half at night so you have a constant level.As for effective I just started mine on Feb 21 and this is my first time with these so we'll have to take the ride together.But I am also stacking with 400mgs EQ weekly and may throw in some test at 250mgs a week last 4weeks(left over from previous cycle).Hopefully someone else can teel us what to look forward to!

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    you can put them under your toung take half in the morning and half at night let them dissolve so you get the full hit of it nothing wasted in the stomach right to the blood...than just drink and big glass of water when it is totally disovlled

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