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    First cycle with Winny Tabs??

    I have decided to do my first ever cycle. I am 27, 190 lbs, 13-14% bf, My main goal is to cut up for the summer. I have decided on Clen , T-3, and also winny tabs...I am also taking cod liver oil and milk thistle for my liver. I have seen people stacking the oral winny tabs at 15mg all the way up to 50mg. For a first time cycle what kind of dose should I be taking, I am doing a 9 week cycle. By the way I bought 160 2mg winny tabs, cetabon, for $160 US, did i get ripped off or is that about what they run? Thanks everyone for any help you can give me...

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    STEROIDS PICTURES / STEROID QUESTIONS serve AR community with two different ways.

    This post belongs under "STEROID QUESTIONS".

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    lol, 2mg winnie tabs are for girls. that supply wouldn't last me a week. You are 190lbs bro, you need 50mg/day. You basically got ripped on those tabs, hate to say it. Most people buy 50mg tabs for about $2 each.

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