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    PLEASE HELP....cyp real or not...

    i hope in putting this in the correct fourm...

    first i want to say that i was able to gain lots of usefull info from you guys on this site...

    Iam in need of your help. i have never used roids before and i was very interested in using cypionate for its benifits, however im not sure if the one i have is real or a knockoff...
    i have attched some pics for you guys to look at and hopfully you will be able to tell if its the real thing or not...

    the lettering is not in looks germen or something.

    heres what it reads on one side of the label:
    " Chiron Arzeimittel Gmbh
    Weiler Streasse 17-12
    D-79540 Lorrach

    Pertienummer 14C026


    and on the other side of the lable it reads:

    "Jedes Ml Enthalt
    Testosterin Cypionate 200 mg
    Benzyl - Bezoat 20%
    Benzylalkohol 0.9%
    Seameseed Ol
    Speicher bei der

    thanks you guys...
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