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Thread: Tamoxifen When

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    Tamoxifen When

    How far into a dbol course do I start taking tamoxifen . Is one 20 mg tab per day Ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GREENMACHINE
    How far into a dbol course do I start taking tamoxifen. Is one 20 mg tab per day Ok.

    bro move this question over to the steroid question room to get it answered ,. you have it posted in the steroid picture room,.... and i hope your not just taking the d-bol alone ,.. what else are you stacking with it?

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    hope u aint just takin the bol on its own thats a waste u need to stack it wit sumthing like sus or deca ......u shud take tamoxifen one 20mg tab every day to stop the dreaded bitch tits comin.....train hard

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    move to steroid questions
    and yes, if this is your first cycle, which im guessing it is, and if you are running only dbol , get your selp a single estered test (enanthate is very good). if you run deca , whcih i advise you dont, make sure you run the test as well at a higher dose. but stick to test only with yuor dbol
    ********this is assuming that you are taking dbol alone, which i am sure you arnt because you did your research before hand

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