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    Real Cyp , Sust and Clenbuterol ????!!!

    Hello guys , i got some of the gear for my next cycle but it looks kinky . First of all if you look at the test. cyp bottle it should be 10ml compared to the 1ml sust. Bottle but it looks more than a 30ml bottle ? Paranoia ?? Another thing the test.cyp and clenbuterol are from Generic Supplements but the label looks like it has been printed with a printer from like 10years ago in other words the label looks cheap .

    Test.cyp lot 261323
    exp 02-2005

    Sust. 680 SK 05/07

    Clenbuterol lot 261323 exp 02-2005

    Any help is aprecciated , sorry for the bad english .
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Real Cyp , Sust and Clenbuterol ????!!!-dsc00978.jpg  

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    Generic Supplements doesnt put energy in the quality of the packaging and labels...they do however put energy in the quality of their products.
    It is an underground lab which manufactures especially for bodybuilders.

    I've got dbol 10mg from GS and the bottle looks like if it contains cheap vitamins, they beat the pink thaibols any day...there's probably a bull on the label??
    For my next course im going for dbol and test. enth...both from GS.

    They are good to go dude...

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