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    Has anyone ever heard of 1T

    i think my friend is bull****ing me cause he said he was on 1T and ive never heard of this so i was gonna ask you guys since yall would know ha it is in pill form capsules

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    Never heard of it JTD2203... sounds like Bullsh*t to me...

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    Feb 2004
    "1T" is "1 Testosterone " a Legal OTC Suppliment, that is a real steroid , not a pro hormone. Its legal due to a loop hole in the law.
    Its bioavailability is usually very low, so you need to take it in pretty high doses.
    It is not as potent as the real AS, due to its lack of bioavailability, but they say it would be very potent if it had a better way to get into the body.

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    people are doing coversions to inject now, but with the amount of ba involved i hurt it hurts really bad. im taking M1t now which is a methylated version of 1T so it passes through the liver easier. alot of people have seen good gaines with it so far so well see. ive been taking it for about a week and im up 2 lbs. ill post the results when im done with my 5 week cycle

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    I was thinking about the M-1-t and i was just wondering since most juice doesnt come with the instructions if anyone here could list some good things to do while on them?

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    my 2cents on m1t is that if your going to spend that much money might as well buy the real thing bro

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    Running through your mind
    I think they are bad...very very bad...and should be spanked

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