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    Is This Anadrol Real???

    i just recieved androlic anadrol 50mg from UK and the pictures i see have a straight line splitting it in half on one side and on the other it says 50.

    Mine has a strange looking object on the side instead of the 50 looks something like a dragon it looks kinda similar to the thing that is on the pink dbol pills just a bigger version.

    Is this real?
    If anyone has any pictures of it i would appriciate it thanks

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    are these them?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Is This Anadrol Real???-androtab_lg.jpg   Is This Anadrol Real???-dsc00240.jpg  

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    OK I HAVE SOME TABS THAT I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE.....mabye you guys will know, if so please help me out.

    Someone gave me some tabs, they look exactly like the anadrol in that first picture on the left with the 50 on one side and the on the other except they are pink instead of white.....exact same pill except its pink!! WHAT IS IT???

    Then they gave me some of these other pills, again they look exactly like that anadrol, same shaved edges, same cut on one side but they have a 25 on the other side and they are bue. I have no clue what either of these tabs are and I can't find any pictures anywhere. I figured they are made by the british dispensary but I still am having trouble figuring out what they are, please help.

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    be careful. I know some guys that are getting corticosteroids (the ones that are used to treat inflamation) they also have a 50 number on them. Just a thought. might want to get it analized. most upper level chemistry majors at a chemistry lab can analize the pill.

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    Mine have a line through them and there pink, with a little weightlifter on the other side

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