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    Aligator... the new masscott

    Two alligators were sitting at the side of the swamp. The smaller one turned to the bigger one and said, "I can't understand how you can be so much bigger 'n me. We're the same age. We was the same size as kids. I just don't get it."

    "Well," said the big 'gator, "What you been eatin', boy?"

    "Democrats, same as you," replied the small 'gator.

    "Hmm. Well, where do ya catch 'em?"

    "Down at 'tother side of the swamp, near the parkin' lot of that courthouse."

    "Same here. Hmm. How do you catch 'em?"

    "Well, I crawls up under one of them Lexuses and waits fer someone to unlock the door. Then I jumps out, grabs 'em on the leg, shakes the crap out of 'em and eats 'em!"

    "Ah!" says the big alligator, "I think I see your problem. You ain't gettin' any real nourishment. See, by the time you get done shakin' the crap out of a Democrats, there ain't nothin' left but lips and a briefcase!!

    The answer to your every question


    A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted
    to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially
    one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs.

    If you get scammed by an UGL listed on this board or by another member here, it's all part of the game and learning experience for you,
    we do not approve nor support any sources that may be listed on this site.
    I will not do source checks for you, the peer review from other members should be enough to help you make a decision on your quest. Buyer beware.

    Why the Police will Kick your ass

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    heres one for the republicans

    an old man went to the doctor. the doctor trying to make small talk asks him what he thinks of bush. the old man goes "well i think he is just like a post turtle". the doctor being confused says " a post turtle". Old man replies " ya you know when your driving down a country road and you see a turtle on a fence post. you wanna stop and help him but you know that he had a lot of help getting there. he doesn't know what to do once he got there. and he needs all the help in the world to get him down. hope some of you like that one.

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