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    Morons and propaganda.

    Ayman al-Zawahri . Usama bin Laden's right-hand man claimed mujahedeen, or holy fighters, have taken control of much of Afghanistan and driven U.S. forces into the "trenches." The Americans are huddled in their trenches, refusing to come out to confront the holy warriors despite the holy warriors' provoking them by shelling, shooting and cutting the routes around them.

    Will these idiots never learn, Isn't this what The Iraqi propaganda minister (Baghdad Bob) said just before the troops rolled into Baghdad?

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    yea i think Sadamm won WW2 in their textbooks lol

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    well we don;t know whats really going on there.
    our western news sources usallly tell us crap all about whats really happing in afghanistan and iraq.

    its most likely hype on behalf of alzawari but they probably have been putting up a fight aginst the forces.

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    We dont know whats going on there. Here is what is going on there. Very little hand to hand combat. We are busting there balls when we are not even in sight of them. With Iraq and Afganistan we where using weapons and tanks that had a much further range than theirs. We where blowing them up before they even knew we were coming.

    Where not using trenches.

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    Trust me we are doing more than holding our own in Afghanistan and Iraq... i dont get my news from media i get it from people on the ground there. I get atleast 2 letters a week from guys in both afghanistan and iraq.

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