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    Kerry Service Record

    Does anyone know why Kerry wont release his service record of him in Vietnam??

    As i always say im not trying to start a riot, i am just curious why he wont release it if he is so proud.

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    IMO it is to prevent what's happenning to Bush right now. Attacks against his character. I don't think there is anything in them that is ****ing, I just know people are inperfect and someone is going to find something or twiist something and blather on about it endlessly. I know people are attacking it now, but by not releasing his records he could play the, "No I'm not!" part to the "You're a loser!/No I'm not!/Yes you are!" game and no one would really know for sure.

    I think he thought if he didn't release them everyone would just drop it. That issues would take center stage. But they didn't, and it looks like this is a pivotal issue. He's going to have to do it sooner or later, or lose the election.


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