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    Unfit for Command?

    Anyone read this book yet? Was it convincing? It's been on the best seller list as #1 for several weeks now.

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    ive read most of it, i think it makes some good points but then again many people dispute the purported validity of some of the "facts" in the book. IMHO you can take fahrenheit 9/11 and this book and lump them in the same categorey and take waht you want from them. But be aware that both of these mediams are propaganda tools and one must consider where the facts are coming from to make an objective opinion.

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    Obviously the book is really biased, you could find a simlilar book on Bush I'm sure. Read the book for entertainment, but don't expect balenced feedback on Kerry. I believe that Kerry is a man of no action who will say whatever he needs to get into office......but thats an opion that I have gathered after months of exposure to him. A book (especially one written with such an obvious slant) should not be used to base your opinion off of a candidate, especially because some of their "sources" might be was already said, it may very well be the GOP version of Fahrenheit 9-11 in print......

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