One of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, the "head of special security department" and "commander of international operations" of the Hizballa, Imad Mugnie, is responsible for several terrorist attacks against USA and Israel, hijacking of airplanes and kidnapping of Israeli and American citizens.

Mugnie started his career in the 70-s, in the Fatah (Arafat's organization, which is part of the PLO), though he himself is not a Palestinian. Soon he moved to Arafat's personal guard, the "Force 17". When Arafat and the PLO were banished from Lebanon by the Israeli army in 1982, Imad together with his brothers Fuad and Jihad (both of whom were killed later during American and Israeli special forces operations) became one of the Hizballa founders.

Mugnie participated in preparation and carrying out of many terrorist attacks, including

The explosion in the American embassy in Beirut in 1983 (63 killed), a suicide bomber attack on the US Navy and French paratroopers barracks in Beirut (242 marines and 58 paratroopers killed).
Second explosion in the American embassy.

Kidnapping and murder of William Berkley, the CIA resident in Lebanon.

Murder of the Marine Colonel William Higgins.

Miscellanious attacks on US and Israeli citizens, resulting in 20 people being killed.

Explosion in the Israeli embassy in Argentina at in 1992 (29 people killed)

An explosion in the Jewish Culture Center in Buenos Aires at 18 of July 1994 (88 people killed).
Besides those, participation of Mugnie in planning of explosions in the American army barracks in Saudi Arabia and in American embassies in Africa in 1998 is quite probable. His indirect participation in planning of 11 September terrorist attacks is also possible.

The first contacts between Mugnie and Bin-Laden took place about 7 years ago. One of the al-Qaeda activists, Ali Mohammad, a confidant of Bin-Laden, said at the court that he had organized the meeting between Bin-Laden and Imad Mugnie in 1993 in Sudan. Ali Mohammad was later sentenced to life in prison by the US court for participation in planning of two explosions in American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.