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    So I Helped Dubya today!

    I went to the local George W Bush Headquarters and made phone calls, ecouraging people to get out and vote early. It was kinda fun. I only had one person yell at me, for the most part People were nice, and I got a lot of answering machines.Now because I helped out, I get to go to see Dubya on Monday They gave me VIP tix...

    I would recomend anyone, whatever candidate you like, to go and do the same. Either way its fun to be a part of the process. I already got my vote in, and yes it was a straight republican ticket.

    If your a fan of Kerry, get to the local place and make calls, because your gonna need all the help you can get... this ones gonna be a close one this year!

    Cya on 11/2!

    Oh btw I rented Farenhieht 911, ordered celcius 41 11, and have farenhype 911 coming tomorrow in the mail. I think its gonna be fun to see what all three have to say (somehow I think I'll like the latter of the two better!)

    Have a good ones guys. Educate yourself before you got to vote. Read both sides. Watch CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and read the Wall Street Journal, and the New York times. If hit the libaray or even the computer for an hour you can get just about every side of the story.
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