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    all israelis plz tell me...

    if israel is a democracy then why dont they agree to a one-state solution? (and dont tell me coz muslims will not acept that because remember muslims and jews were living together before the creation of this state). Iran for example has said since day one that they fully support a one nation of israel, INCLUDING GAZA AND WEST BANK. israel has jewish parlimant (some arabs but not too many) with a jewish flag and colin powel has said before "the world must accept that israel must remain a JEWISH state and no ifs or buts". israel a democracy but at the same time it cannot be a NON jewish state and the majoraty of the population must remain to be jewish!!! hmm thats odd.

    fact is, israel is not a democracy its a ZIONIST/military state, and as long as the real intentions remain, then there could never be peace.

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    More trolling. Muslim Justice was banned 2 weeks ago for this. In his case it was threads against Islam.

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