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    British Agents Behind Hassan Kidnapping As US Prepares For Fallujah Strike

    On October 21, the British government confirmed that it would accede to a U.S. request to redeploy approximately 850 troops and support staff from their base in southern Iraq to positions near to the capital Baghdad.

    The area around Baghdad has been described as a “valley of death” by U.S. forces that face fierce resistance from the vanguard of the Mujaahideen (opponents of the Crusader occupation).

    But the major cause for concern is that the troop redeployment is being sought in order to free up American marines for an all-out assault against Fallujah and other towns in the "Sunni triangle".

    The last major U.S. offensive against Fallujah led to hundreds of civilian deaths and was met with ferocious resistance (including huge U.S. casualties) that eventually led to a humiliating climb-down by the U.S. in the face of the Mujaahideen defense. In the past weeks, however, the U.S. has resumed its assault on the city, sealing off much of its roads and subjecting it to a daily air bombardment and blockage. Hospitals report scores of civilians have been killed and injured in the last week, although the true extent of casualties will not be known until the U.S. lifts the media blackout accompanying this latest offensive.

    It is believed that a full-scale ground and air assault will be mounted sometime soon after the U.S. presidential elections on November 2 which Bush will win. This is being justified on the grounds that the city is home to the JTJ (Jama'ah Tawheed wa'l Jihaad) group led by Abu Musab al-Zarqaawi—a claim that has been bitterly contested by the Fallujah shura council composed of local scholars and elders. The real motive for the attack is that Fallujah is the focus of real Islamic opposition to the U.S.-led Crusader occupation, which must be crushed if Washington’s “free elections” in January, designed to confer a mantle of legitimacy on its puppet Iraqi regime, are to proceed as planned.

    In order to ensure Fallujah is flattened this time around, the U.S. would require another battalion or so to move to that Western city. But, those battalions are now tied down fighting the Mujaahideen in Latifiyyah and elsewhere. So, the British are being brought in to keep a lid on insurgency there, in order to free up American forces for the assault on Fallujah. It demonstrates how completely overstretched the U.S. military is in Iraq. With over 130,000 troops on the ground, the U.S. doesn't have 1000 troops to spare for a Fallujah campaign. It is completely tied down. It is in this light that we should understand the American request. At the same time, the Bush administration does not want to announce an additional call-up of American forces at such a sensitive time, especially with the elections looming. This is another indication that an assault on Fallujah has been given the green-light, to commence soon after Bush is elected into office for a 2nd term.

    For the British, the prospect of direct involvement in such a potentially bloody offensive has raised legitimate anxiety. For many it has only confirmed their opposition to the Iraq war and the government’s participation in the occupation. The scale of public disquiet is such that the government has intimated that the redeployment has a limit of 30 days (to counter any Ramadan spike in Mujaahideen activities). At the same time, the British have tried to insure against any potential backlash from the general public and its own Labour MP's (in the event things go badly wrong) by instructing its agents on the ground inside Iraq to kidnap Margaret Hassan, the Care International charity worker.

    The recent communiqué from the Mujaahideen has exposed the British insurance policy and has denied any JTJ involvement in the kidnapping. The kidnapping and possible beheading of Margaret Hassan, who has selflessly dedicated years of her life to help impoverished Iraqis, will send the message to the British public that the Iraqi resistance is comprised of monsters and serial murderers—and there can be no response other than wiping them from the face of the earth-thereby prolonging the redeployment of the British troops in the region near Baghdad.

    Hassan’s kidnapping (and potential execution by her British agent captives) is preparing the way for the massive, unremitting, and terrible mass murder of all who resist the occupation, including women, children, and the the elderly.

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    More trolling.

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