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    for those in denial (rak ani and the likes of)

    Occupied Jerusalem - Zionist military bulldozers embarked upon clearing and leveling around 50 dunums of Jabal Al-Masharef agrarian lands near to occupied Jerusalem as a preliminary step to confiscating them.

    The huge tractors also uprooted all the trees and groves covering the lands owned by Palestinian families residing in Lafta town, and annexed them to those of the Hebrew University.

    Locals expressed absolute rejection of the Zionist blatant violation of their rights, and affirmed that they headed along with a lawyer to the Zionist courts to demand a stop to the bulldozing of their lands, particularly as, they said, they still retained the title deeds proving their ownership of those lands, the PIC correspondent reported.

    Zionist legal sources underscored that the Zionist extremist "Itoret Kuhanim" movement was intent on implementing a big settlement project near to the Hebrew University with the aim of connecting three settlement outposts situated in the eastern occupied Jerusalem in a bid to tighten the grip on the eastern part of the holy city.

    The same movement last year intensified its activities in the city’s old quarters, namely the Islamic neighborhood, they said, and pointed out that a new road was being built to connect Beit Orot settlement outpost, which is located in the eastern parts of the city, with its counterpart Ma’leh Adomim in the western suburbs.

    The Zionist authorities have been exerting intensive efforts to implement settlement enterprises in this city in a bid to judaize it.

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    Kingdom Of Heaven !
    Excellent POst !

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    Do you know if the wall is gonna be isreals official border?? ANd the bulldozing is for what???

    I have a book on the palastinian/isreali conflict. One thing that it doesnt explain is the condition of Palastine's economy and other social issues when it was taken from them. If anyone has any information on this I would be intrested. Im not sure that the palastinians can survive without the help of another society.

    Also does anyone know when the wall is completed, will the isrealis still allow palastinians to work within its borders???

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    Your hatred of Israel is getting boring. Stop trolling please.

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