Now before we start talking about how Halliburton is just trying to get by and how the gov. would never award outrageously large contracts to companies like Halliburton we should remember history. It has happened plenty of times before. Remember the Spanish American war? The president didn't want a war, the people didn’t want a war, and the Spanish didn’t want a war. The newspapers and the steel industry did. So they trumped it up as a 'jolly little war' or something ridiculously close to that. Remember WWI? No it wasn't the sinking of the Luscitania that got us into war, hell we didn’t enter it for 2 more years!!! The most pressure came from again the steel companies and newspapers. To think that it is impossible a corporation would have or lack the conscience to do something like this is naive.

Wasn't it during the building of the pentagon that the military contractors were found guilty of selling something like 100$ hammers and 20$ nails? It may not have been the pentagon I can't recall exactly which bid it was, but it did happen. There was a lot of fuss in the papers and some fines were issued etc etc.

Notice I have not bashed the Bush admin in this thread. So don't turn it into such. But when the chief army contracting officer goes public with information like this, it should send up a few red flags.