We picked up extra governor positions, picked up seats in the House and Senate increasing our majority. The president has had more votes than any president in history. Bush won the popular and electorial vote.. The minority senate leader for the first time in history lost his seat. Thank god Tom Dashel was the worse one out of them all.

Im hoping this is a trend for a long time to come. Im thinking that the American people will not stand for the continual moral decline seen through the Clinton administration. Clinton put everything in place to cause trouble for a good time to come. Im thinking that the more elementry kids that come home and tell their parents they are reading books on Gay relationships and being teached the same in sex education class. The more the liberals go after every christian based charity organization they will the evil in the entire liberal concept. There is many things that the liberal label has negitively impacted the democrates. Most consider the word liberal a bad word any more.

And all this scandal that went on during this election I would be ashamed of my party if it had to operate this way to succeed. And it didnt work any ways.