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Thread: Old Testament

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    Old Testament

    Does anybody else get the feeling God doesn't know how to handle us??
    When I read the Old is sooo wierd. Saul has the Spirit.....then it is taken away and he's given an evil's like there is all this indecision and change. The heros can get away with murder.....the unchosen can't get away with touching the ark when they stumble. Wierd justice.

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    The Old testament is intresting. Most of it doesnt apply to Christians but is more of a bit of history of how the religion evolved. You have to think the God of the Old Testament ( old covenant) and New Testament ( New covenant) are very different. But the culture and people where different in the Old Testament era. Mostly what Isee most of the Old Testament storys as an example of how god established power and a reputation. The old Testament also shows how he made an enslaved people into a civialized culture. There is alot of things that seem strange that are mainly symbolic.

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    vengeful god mumbo jumbo IMO. Used to teach and scare primitive man.....early form of govt mind control......

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    funny thread...

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