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Thread: Relax!

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    Ok guys, the board was pretty much a cluster fu(k today. Everyone firing from the hip and getting emotional. If CAUSASIAN decides to stay away we're all the poor'er for it. So I'm asking everyone to relax and sit tight while I get a hold of this situation because whats happened today isn't good for any of us. Don't go shooting off stupid ass comments, or post in haste for the next few hours.

    If someone gets banned here its no one's fault but their own and I'll never justify my decision's here. But for things to get so bad that a valued member like CAUSASIAN has to leave ''for awhile'' mean's somethings gone terribly wrong and needs sorting.

    I'll try get a handle on this situation and keep you all informed. But in future, please, PLEASE communicate with me or another Mod via PM's before things breakdown again. I'm sure you'll find us completely different people away from the publics eye

    Thats it, just relax for a day guys. There's almost 40 other great boards to use on STEROID .COM see you all soon.

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    Bouncer all I can say is you work overtime on this forum and someone
    needs to recognize the fact you do and help make it run as smooth as
    you can expect a forum like this to run... nice work bro...

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