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    BigGreen's Roundtable Discussions

    I've really come to love this forum but have found that it is somewhat constrained by the fact that an overwhelming plurality of the threads emerge as reconfigurations of the same few issues over and over again in slightly different forms. While this is not a bad thing, and in fact is a good thing in the sense that it has prompted me to investigate matters further which I might otherwise have not been motivated to examine as fully, I do believe that this forum needs a healthy injection of variegated and relevant topics.

    Towards that end, in my ever humble service to AR I'm going to spend a decent amount of time (providing there's some kind of continued interest) throwing together what I'm jokingly calling 'roundtable discussions' for anyone to participate in on a given topic. I'd hope that we're able to keep it civil and on topic to make this something that is legitimately worthwhile.

    For my "efforts" I only ask that you obey the rules in an even more amplified manner and avoid ad-hominem attacks...these are the absolute downfall of a good debate, and once they degrade to such, the topic at hand falls apart in favor of insults and snide remarks. As I'm no mod, I suppose I'll just delete the whole thread in the event it gets out of hand...but, in all seriousness, this can turn out to be a very cool thing if we keep it active and have a genuine intellectual and mature dialogue. I'll be using this thread as an archive of all the round table discussions (providing it goes more than one), so anyone can come back and look up the topics for whatever reason, as I'm sure we'll get some worthwhile discussions. I'm hoping to put up one of these every third day or so. Hope to see ya around.

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    I will try my best or I will let you ban me from your discussions.

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    Sounds gay PM Tock for more info on that, but keep this board free of your shenanigans for the good of us all.

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