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Thread: Merry Festivus

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    Merry Festivus

    Yes Mr. Costanzas holdiay of festivus is celebrated on Dec 23 every year. So lets begin with the airing of grievances now. No debating..... just state what has pissed you off this year. Ill go first....

    Ill keep my grievance out of politics and aimed at the sports world: I cant stand this hockey lockout its disgusting, and you know what the owners are right!!! in a world where the NBA, and the NFL have salary caps how could hockey players think they can survive without one?? I mean the other 2 sports get TV ratings!!! I love hockey and the NHL but **** these guys are morons and i hope the league doesnt fold......

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    Big, Festivus is an excellent Holiday. I have too many grievances to air!

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