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    Is Israel the biggest supporter of "terrorist groups"?

    For all their postulations, it seems Israel's relationship with militant groups is very cosy indeed.

    There is increasingly solid evidence emerging that the Mossad has had a long time relationship with the very groups that Israel had always claimed were the country's "worst enemies". Mossad's relationship with the groups included the provision of financial and tactical support as the groups proved to be extremely useful in advancing Israel's geo-political agenda.

    It's pubic knowledge that the CIA sponsored Osama bin Laden's early efforts in Afghanistan against the Soviets, and what has been called "the second largest covert action". What isn't so public is that the arms supplies pipeline to bin Laden was under the direct supervision of the Mossad.

    The former correspondent to American television stations ABC, John K. Cooley, in Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism, writes: "Discussion of the input of outsiders to training and operations in Afghanistan would be incomplete without mention of Iran and the State of Israel. Iran's major role in training and in supply is a matter of historical record. As for Israel, the evidence is much sketchier. . .

    Whether or not units of Israel's elite special forces trained the militant groups…is a well-guarded Israeli secret.

    Several Americans and Britons who took part in the training program have assured the author that Israelis did indeed take part, though no one will own to having actually seen, or spoken with, Israeli instructors or intelligence operatives in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

    What is certain is that of all the members of the anti-Soviet coalition, the Israelis have been the most successful in concealing the details and even the broad traces of a training role; much more than the Americans and British. . . "

    Additional confirmation about Israel's role comes from Sami Masri, the former insider in the infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) who told Time magazine journalists that BCCI "was financing Israeli arms going into Afghanistan. There were Israeli arms, Israeli planes, and CIA pilots. Arms were coming into Afghanistan and [BCCI was] facilitating it."

    But Israel's ties with militant groups isn't just assigned to Afghanistan. Ostrovsky reveals in his book, The Other Side of Deception, that Mossad had a secret history of supporting militant groups for its own purposes.

    Ostrvsky points out that the Arab and Muslim hating hard-liners in Israel believe the survival of the state lies solely in its military strength and that "this strength arises from the need to answer the constant threat of war." As such Israeli hard-liners believe that peace with any Arab state would weaken Israel and bring about its demise.

    Ostrvsky writes in his book, "Supporting the radical elements of Muslim fundamentalism sat well with the Mossad's general plan for the region. An Arab world run by fundamentalists would not be a party to any negotiations with the West, thus leaving Israel again as the only democratic, rational country in the region."

    American columnist Jack Anderson, a devoted news conduit for the Israeli lobby, wrote on April 25th, 1983, that one secret State Department report speculated that if Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat were to be dislodged, "the Palestinian movement will probably disintegrate into radical splinter groups, which, in combination with other revolutionary forces in the region, would pose a grave threat to the moderate Arab governments."

    Then, according to Anderson's account, the State Department reported: "Israel seems determined to vent this threat . . . and can be expected to greatly expand its covert co-operations with revolutionary movements."

    Anderson added that "two well-placed intelligence sources" had explained that this meant that it was in Israel's interests to "divide and conquer" by setting various Palestinian factions against one another. This would then help destabilize all of the Arab and Islamic regimes in the Middle East. Anderson then stated flat out that the sources said: "Israel had secretly provided funds to Abu Nidal's group."

    British journalist Patrick Seale, an acknowledged authority on the Middle East, devoted an entire book, entitled Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire, outlining and documenting his thesis that Nidal was largely a surrogate for the Mossad all along.

    Today Nidal has been replaced by Osama bin Laden in media headlines as "the world's most wanted terrorist."

    And in light of recent questions about the real nationalities and identities of the purported hijackers who brought down the four planes on Sept. 11, a Sept. 17 1972, column by Anderson pointed out something that should be noted:

    "Israeli agents-immigrants whose families had lived in Arab lands for generations-have a perfect knowledge of Arab dialects and customs. They have been able to infiltrate Arab governments with ease."

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    "Israeli agents-immigrants whose families had lived in Arab lands for generations-have a perfect knowledge of Arab dialects and customs. They have been able to infiltrate Arab governments with ease."

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