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    lmao....nice find

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    Scotty, beam me up
    **** funny. But its kind of scary how well done that is

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    You like that speech JDAWG???

    Here's a warning that went unheeded......

    Very serious health warning to all of you from the CDC.

    *Gonorrhea Lectim

    *The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning
    about a new virulent strain of sexually transmitted
    disease. This disease is contracted through dangerous
    and high risk behavior. The disease is called
    Gonorrhea Lectim .

    Many victims have contracted it after having been
    screwed for the past 4 years, in spite of having taken
    measures to protect themselves from this especially
    troublesome disease.

    Cognitive sequellae of individuals infected with
    Gonorrhea Lectim include, but are not limited to:
    Anti-social personality disorder traits; delusions of
    grandeur with a distinct messianic flavor; chronic
    mangling of the English language; extreme cognitive
    dissonance; inability to incorporate new information;
    pronounced xenophobia; inability to accept
    responsibility for actions; exceptional cowardice
    masked by acts of misplaced bravado; uncontrolled
    facial smirking; ignorance of geography and history;
    tendencies toward creating evangelical theocracies;
    and a strong propensity for categorical, all-or
    nothing behavior.

    The disease is sweeping Washington. Naturalists and
    epidemiologists are amazed and baffled that this
    malignant disease originated only a few years ago in a
    Texas Bush.

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    Although a well thought out verbal thrashing is in order for displaying this sacrilege. All I will say is that you should be ashamed of yourself for taking part in bringing trash like that to AR.
    On top of that to say Badger is right. Have you no pride at all man?

    Quote Originally Posted by BOUNCER

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    well there was some creative editing I must say - probably will be on Dan Rather's last show

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