Anyone knows this movie "Disordia" it’s a documentary about the pression between the Palestinian and Jewish students groups at Concordia University in Montreal. I went to Concordia and I was there during the riots, events between these two groups and as a grad student I was particularly tired of that crap between the "pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel" groups. Event to a point where I was fed up with anything Palestinian / Israel and actually telling “**** off” to anyone from either standpoint!

Let me tell you more about Concordia University formerly known as Loyola College and Sir George William University. Back in the 1950's-60's, McGill University was not very fond of accepting Jewish students and for Jews they were asking an average 10 points higher compared to an Anglo-Saxon protestant student. Unfair it was, but, Concordia at the time either Loyola or SGW were happily accepting students of Jewish descend without demanding higher standards for them. So since, Concordia was a figure in the Montreal's Jewish community

When I was in Concordia I went there to continue my education and actually it gave me a reason for the army to give me an appointment with the extended unit working on the area and be home with mommy and friends. I spent 2 years at Concordia going nuts and getting pissed at these students motivated by anger, hate and their cause. I was pissed because I cannot understand why a student who has 3 years of undergraduate studies can continue to be a student after 6 years only motivated by their cause and their student group. I admire the willpower and dedication but “dude” move on.

My university did world news in 2000. 2001. 2002 showing images of Palestinian students fighting Jewish students, student breaking everything and finally when the “Jewish student union” invited “Bibi” as a guest speaker, a move not welcomed where at least 5000 Arabic students from all over the world are studying. It was hell, and even the authorities called the Department of Defence in “case” something bad happen. No wonder as there more “Al-Queada” Sympathizers and members in that school than the whole middle-east (You think I’m joking? I'm not!) You have to see, the number of students disappearing for Afghanistan and Pakistan after 9/11, it was funny!

Some of you might wonder why? 3Vandoo, you are writing this?
Easy to get it off my chest, I watched that movie last night on the Movie Network and I was yelling and cursing at many students whom I recognized and even got into verbal arguments!


Shalom Bin Laden is its nickname; the guy arrived in Canada 9 years ago. He’s from Syria and likes to argue on anything, especially Israel, a total pain in the ass. I had that ****er in many classes where I had to assist and he had that way of turning everything “black and white” Israel versus Palestine. He was kicked out of the school, jailed three times, and even claimed that Mossad was tracking him down. In classes I heard him saying comments such as: The Northern Ireland troubles were caused by Jews, separatism in Quebec is caused by them too… You see, you get my point, actually I am quite surprised to learned that he was doing a BA in Women’s studies (LAME)

Jew number 1: Had him in a class about Islam and Nationalism, he was a former IDF soldier recruiting potential Jewish students to go serve in Israel, he was arrested but my liberal government did not prosecuted him from treason.

The Concordia Students Union: ahhhhh radicals freaks, even in the 2001 school agenda they asked students to burn the Canadian, Quebec, US flag nice considering that half of them are not even born here (sorry cannot say more or Ill get prosecuted as racist! LOL)
That same CSU, rioted against Army kiosks, and employers, radicals little ****s that have nothing better to do.

They were a few hundred like them, especially in a school who is very pro-Palestinian school.

I was fed up with the conspiracy theorists from the Palestinian camp, that the Jewish camp wasn’t very nice either, actually they were more radical and especially arrogant. I could have shot them myself, coming to Palestinian talks and provocating people, and suing everyone(they are very good in Montreal doing so)

I can report ten of examples where I’ve seen the Jewish group provocating the other group!

Anyway, here the link of that movie:

Thank you Allah, Jahve I'm out of that radical hole!