aight check this out and bf hand no i dont personally think it was cowinsadence or however thats spelled....anyways ive always gone to church with my grandparents every sunday and what not and have been a faithful person, bud here latley i have not been going and i have been feeling like my faith is fading away somewhat so as usual bf i was going to sleep i was praying and i asked god to help me become faithfully stonger and that i felt like my faith was fading at that said then i went to sleep, the next day i did what u usually do then went to the gym, after my workout i was hitting some abs and this black dude with dreds walked up to me and out of nowhere and said "trust in god, hes let u see another day and let u see all these ppl once agian and has let us as humans be here in peace" it made me tingle all over my body like some crazy sinsation suddenly everything got real quiet and the black dude walked off i was like WOW that was nuts ever sinse that day which was not to long ago ive felt better than ever and feel that my faith is coming back to me more and more, im getting chills talking bout it right now lol well i just felt like sharing this with someone... ps: please if u have any negitive feed back just hit the back button on the top left corner of ur screen thanks guys