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Thread: The dark bibel

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    The dark bibel

    I have only read the first 2 pages so far and it claims some interesting things. Would like to se what christians have to say about it

    Especialy these claims(and plz dont just say they are false, prove it dont just say it).

    Some of the oldest records of the stories that later entered the Old Testament came from thousands of small cylinder seals depicting creation stories, excavated from the Mesopotamia period. These early artifacts and artworks (dated as early as 2500 B.C.E.) established the basis for the Garden of Eden stories a least a thousand years before it impacted Hebrew mythology.

    The Old Testament consists of a body of literature spread over a period from approximately 1450 B.C.E. to 200 B.C.E. There exists no original writings of the Old Testament.
    The New Testament has even fewer surviving texts. Scholars think that not until years after Jesus' alleged death that its authors wrote the Gospels. There exists no evidence that the New Testament came from the purported original apostles or anyone else that had seen the alleged Jesus. Although the oldest surviving Christian texts came from Paul, he had never seen the earthly Jesus. There occurs nothing in Paul's letters that either hints at the existence of the Gospels or even of a need for such memoirs of Jesus Christ. The oldest copy of the New Testament yet found consists of a tiny fragment from the Gospel of John. Scholars dated the little flake of papyrus from the period style of its handwriting to around the first half of the 2nd century C.E. The language of most of the new testament consists of old Greek.

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    im glad you posted this....just started reading it and seems very interesting....especially the part of how goddesses were translated into evil, giving women a status of infiriority, a result we can see to this day.....

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    dont know nothing about it. skimmed a little of that page but not really time right now to read it. but from what i skimmed, didnt see any proof of anything. just someone putting down writing that could be made up. could not be...but no references or anything sets of signals. Id think if this had any concrete proof or was at the very least possible, we'd all have at least heard of these things and people would be using what is found on that site to disprove christianity... but we havnt.

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    Obviously it is very biased, by reading those titles, and the name of the book itself.

    Anyone can take anything and turn it around I belive, especially religious texts that are thosands of years old.

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    those rather extreme views tend to distort the truth a bit. it's quite true that the "old" testiment is in many places quite new, borrows heavily from hellanic and more-or-less culturally-generic middle-eastern mythology, doesn't really resemble monotheism and so on and so on, but really most of these people just think christianity bad, athiesm and indigenous religions good.

    some really interesting more neutral sources would be reading about zoroastrianism (very heavily influenced christianity, moreso than judaism), early indo-euopean cultures, and the early Church.

    i don't buy much into the belief that goddesses were repressed to represent evil (although adam and eve (following pandora's box) is really poopy in terms of it's depiction of women.

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