Thursday, May 26, 2005 - 06:51 PM [Kods Time]

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah said that the western guarantees given in return to disarming the resistance are worthless.
Addressing hundreds of thousands of supporters on the 5th anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, Sayed Nasrallah warned that any hand that tries to remove the resistance weapons is an Israeli hand that must be fought. However he stressed that Hezbollah is ready to internally negotiate the status of the resistance weapons.
His eminence revealed that former premier Rafik Hariri told him a week before his assassination that he wants to ally with the resistance stressing on the importance of protecting Lebanon from Israeli threats. Sayed Nasrallah also warned against Israeli dangers surrounding the holy Aqsa mosque in occupied Palestine. He called all Muslims, Christians and all honest people to be always ready to defend it. His eminence also condemned the desecration of the holy Koran by US soldiers at the Guantanamo detention center in Cuba, and called for sits-in across Lebanon to pay homage for the Koran and condemn acts of desecrating it. He said, "Israel has the right to be proud that it was able to put the international community
at a confrontation with those who defeated it in Lebanon. So instead of facing the resistance Israel pushed the international community to face it, through resolution 1559. Listen to this paradox. In 1978 Israeli occupation forces invaded part of south Lebanon. The Security Council issued resolution 425. The international body did
nothing to implement it. It did not threaten Israel to use chapter 7 of the UN convention which allows the Security Council to wage a military war. The body did not take any measure against Israel or impose sanctions. They wrote the resolution
and put it on the shelf. For 22 years, the resolution was not implemented,
and nothing was done to implement it at all. The one who forced Israel out of Lebanon is not the international body or the international will or Israel's manners and feeling of remorse. What forced it out is you, the resistance. The resistance of this people, its sacrifices, its blood and its martyrs. This is what defeated
Israel and drove it out. And so the international community wants to convince us
that Israel implemented resolution 425. In return, about 7 or 6 months ago,
the Security Council issued resolution 1559 and since endorsing it, the international pressure on Lebanon and Syria began, to force them to implement the terms. In 7 months the most important term of resolution 1559 was implemented and in 22 years nothing was done to implement resolution 425, why? Because 425 targets Israel, while 1559 is in Israel's interest. When the foreigners interfere in our country and mainly the Americans, what is their priority? what is their agenda? what are the goals? We should know in order to face it. The Americans are rushing Lebanese elections, regardless of the law. They want a government to be quickly formed. Why?
Because after forming the government they will demand it to implement new goals
that serve Israel's interests. Yesterday, a senior US state department official
said: "After the elections, Hezbollah must disarm or else after the elections, internal pressures on it will increase." The US official is threatening us with the increase of internal pressure, which means that they want the Lebanese to face each other
for the sake of Israel. We said more than once, we do not want to drag the region into war. Our policy is not to ignite a regional war. We want to defend our country and not to destroy it. And because we want to defend our country we will keep our weapons.
Discussing the issue is acceptable. But proposals are currently about removing and disarming the resistance. What I want to say is: the thought of disarming the resistance is madness. In Lebanon, we are the keenest over peace, stability and national unity. We don't want to attack anyone and we did not.
We won't allow anyone to attack Lebanon. But if anyone thinks of disarming
the resistance, we will fight him like the martyrs in Karbala fought. Some say there might be a compromise, like collecting the resistance weapons -listen to this "good proposal"- and putting the weapons in arsenals. And if Lebanon was attacked,
we open the arsenals and take the weapons and defend the country.
This is foolishness, they are fooling people. What is this? The importance of the resistance is not when its weapons are in arsenals. The importance is that the resistance is always prepared to use its weapons, mortars and rockets. This is the importance of the resistance."