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    Scotty, beam me up

    The case for christ

    Thanks alot max for sending me this book. Its a realy fascinating book. I havent finished it yet but it builds a very good case.

    The only thing that bugs me is that so far the author has only interviewed christian experts in each field. It would be nice if he went to some atheistic archeologist, historians since Im sure there are many experts on the bibel that isnt belivers.

    Anyway that migh show upp later in the book I guess.

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    if i remember correctly, all of the people interviewed are christians. lee strobel was asking "atheist questions" (questions that he himself had when he was an atheist) and getting responses from experts in their field and what answers these experts had that strengthened or brought them to christianity. when lee asked these questions to the experts, he himself was an atheist. when he actually wrote the book though, he had become a christian because of the answers he got. he didnt need the atheist answers because he himself "knew them" already, since he was an atheist. he does give the atheist side of things and why they believe it, but then he also gives his view with supporting facts...such as the part about micro/macro-evolution. i think that part is in the book i sent. it MAY be in the other. i wonder if there is an atheist book similar to this. though i think the atheist book would be more like "a case for faith" and not "a case for christ". finish that one because "a case for faith" is on its way. written exactly the same way.

    glad you like it and you are very welcome! later all!

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