Forum Rules:

1. The first rule is to follow the forum rules. No one is special. No one has privileges that others don't. ANYONE who breaks the rules will be treated equally.

2. Be respectful. This is a forum dealing with sensitive issues and discussions can easily go off topic and become insulting. Unless we respect each other, we won't be able to hold mature debates. Respect the other participants, other views, other religions, be sensitive to other participants' feelings and we will all get along even when we disagree.

3. Needless to say, no cursing, no flaming of members and no incitement.

4. Hate posts will be deleted.

5. Posts that don't contribute to a thread will be deleted.

6. Discussions evolved, but don't hijack threads. If you have a new topic to bring to discussion, start a new thread and don't hijack an existing one.

7. If you have personal issues with a member, take it to PM.

8. If you have a question for a moderator, take it to PM.

9. Check the rules every now and then. If needed, new rules will be added or changed.

Amendment (29th May 2006) Moderators will take a very dim view of members who throll this forum to get their point accross. A first offence will result in a seven day suspension from the boards.