Why are U.S. troops still holed up in Iraq?

Gen. George Casey, the United States commander of the multinational coalition in Iraq, said the war in Iraq will not be settled on the battlefield but by negotiation and inclusion of insurgents in the political process.
If the war isn't going to be won on the battlefield, according to a U.S. general in Iraq, then why are we standing by while our men and women continue to die on a daily basis?
Watching the news, it has become increasingly upsetting to see that men and women my age and younger are dying on the battlefields in Iraq.
And for what?

I know, I know ... we are liberating an oppressed people. I know.
But really - why are we liberating these people? It seems the more we try to liberate them, the more the insurgents get angry and multiply with their car bombs a'blazing. While Vice President Dick Cheney said the insurgents are in their "last throes," Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld countered this weekend saying the insurgency could last up to 12 years.
While the administration needs to get its talking point on insurgents straightened out, I agree with Rumsfeld -*the insurgency will last as long as American troops are in the area. You see, that is what the insurgency doesn't like ... infidels destroying their people's land, desecrating their holy relics. And while only a small handful of American soldiers have shown disrespect to holy relics, it still incites anger and hatred toward Americans and makes them want to strap on a bomb.
Then, there is the Saddam angle to why American soldiers are in Iraq. I will admit, Saddam was an evil dictator who needed to be taken down. But guess what - Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 like some administration officials had us believing.
So really - why are kids my age and younger dying in Iraq? If Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 - if they didn't have weapons of mass destruction, which is what American people were originally told - then why? Why are we still there?
A recent poll, unscientific as it may have been, showed that 65 percent of Paragould Daily Press readers feel we should be pulling troops out. About 35 percent said we shouldn't.