Is "Al Qaeda" the modern incarnation of "Emmanuel Goldstein", the arch-villain manufactured by the state to rule the population with fear? Is it really far-fetched? If one can accept a real terrorist organization willing to kill people for their political aims, is a fake terror organization willing to kill people for their political aims any less possible. Once you accept that there can be one group of people willing to commit acts of terror you must accept that there can be a second group equally willing to commit acts of terror to blame on the first group.

Stop and think for a minute. Do the acts of terror accomplish anything for the group that is blamed for the terror? Does terror achieve their ends, obtain the results they want? Or isn't it obvious that the acts of terror are actually achieving the objectives of those who claim to be the victims of the terror, to gain them sympathy and political alliances?

History is full of rulers who used fake terror on their own populations to create consent for their policies. The US is known to have actually planned for such fake terror to create support for an invasion of Cuba. And, it is now well established that FDR not only allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor to happen, but goaded the Japanese into it to get a reluctant US into WW2.

Then there is the infamous "Lavon Affair" in which Israelis bombed British and American targets and left evidence to frame Arabs. According to ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, Israel suckered the US into attacking Libya with fake radio messages.
The US told other nations as early as March 2001 of a plan to invade Afghanistan in October 2001. Isn't it interesting that the "terrorists" struck on 9-11, perfectly in time to create the public anger Bush needed to carry out the already-planned already-announced war?

Who is running Al Qaeda? Who benefits from their activities? Bush got his oil war, and Sharon gets a green light to kill Palestinians and steal their land.

Who really benefits? That's who is running Al Qaeda.

"We need a common enemy to unite us" - Condoleezza Rice, March 2000