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    Some jokes for Mdude and Caus!

    During a medical congress, three known doctors are describing the exploits of medicine in their own country!

    The Russian tells :

    - "In the middle of the sea, under the artic ice, a submariner had a heart attack. Well, we took the heart of a young soldier who died in an accident,
    we flew it in a Sukhoi 27, parachuted it on the ice. The submarine emerged, recuperared then put it on the submariner, so we saved his life from a certain death!

    The Chinese doctors replies:
    - "Eh, well in my country a farmer lost his privates to a wild tiger, he then crawled to a police station. There he was taken care, sent by truck to the train station where he took a special train up to Beijing for a surgery. We then put on him the privates of a young baby elephant. Three weeks later, he arrived in his province by walk et got his wife pregnant!

    Then an American doctor stook up and said:
    - "That's nothing, we took an asshole and made him president"!


    A man was walking down central park in NY, when suddenly he saw a pitt-bull attacking a young girl. He ran to the dog, took the dog and finally killed it. A cop who saw everything arrives and says:

    - "You're a hero, tomorrow, everyone will read in the papers " a couragous new yorker saved the life of a young child"

    - "Well I am not from NY" replied the man

    - "Well, then we'll read : a couragous american saved a young girl!

    - But I am not American replied the young man!

    - "Well what are you?" replied the cop

    - "I'm an Arab".

    The day after, the papers' headlines were showing : An Islamic terrorist masscred an american dog down in NY!"


    There a enormous jam on the highway. Aftewr some hours, a policeman get near the window of a car and explains:

    -"Some terrorists took control of the presidential convoy and they have the president in hostage! They are threathening to put gas on him and light him up if we dont give them 10 Billions$ in the next 30minutes! Can you give us something says the cop!

    The car driver replies: Well I only have 20 litres!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3Vandoo

    The day after, the papers' headlines were showing : An Islamic terrorist masscred an american down in NY!"

    So true.

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