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Thread: The risk......

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    The risk......

    Open society has risks........freedom is taking a chance........if we react like Tony Blair and close our borders and quench free speech what hope is there??? We are heading down the road to a police state.

    I'm not discounting the loss of life to the bombers.......but in the bigger picture how does the loss of life from terrorism compare to say the swimming pool??? Thousands more children die from swimming pools. Or how about the automobile. 50,000 people die in the states every year on the highways.

    Let's not overreact and lose our senses......

    So to attack terrorism from a military and police state solution is the WRONG path.......

    To be free we have to take the chance that there are going to be some nutballs who do despicable acts........we must act sensibly and carefully.......looking at the root causes and addressing what the triggering reasons are for these acts. Accepting the fact that we can not prevent every bad act.......but only that we can address the root problems of inequity
    and poverty in our best fashion.

    If we start to restrict free speech ( even if it is hateful) then we are coursing down a dangerous path.......we are heading for a totalitarian government like China.

    How much risk are you willing to take to remain free???

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    the politicians have to do something to look competent in the publics eye. New regulations are the easiest solution for them.

    People in general are stupid so any society is doomed in the long run.

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